WAIT! Before you schedule down below, make sure you review the frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do you accept insurance?   
Yes but only limited slots for new client referrals. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

How much are the sessions if I pay out of pocket? (as of January 2024) 
$125/1 Hour session or $62.50/30 Minute session

Do you offer sessions on the weekend?
Weekend availability is reserved for self pay clients and for an additional convenience fee. Please email courtneylasheaporter@gmail.com 

How will I know if my insurance covers behavioral health treatment? 
The best way to verify is to contact the insurance provider and they will let you know if behavioral health services are included with your benefits and if a copay is required or not.

What is behavioral health?
Behavioral health is a fancy term for mental health. The terms "behavioral health" and “mental health” are often used interchangeably. However, most insurance companies may use both behavioral health and mental health under the health insurance coverage benefits. 

What insurance do you accept?
Optum(United Health Care), Optum EAP, Cigna, Cigna EAP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem

Do I have to pay anything if I use my EAP benefits?
No. Your employer pays for your EAP services. However, most EAP visits only approve up to 5 sessions. You may to come out f pocket once you exhaust your approved visits.

What happens if I reach my limit with my EAP visits?
Clients using EAP benefits may also ask for additional sessions if needed and if your provider will allow. You can also transition to your Optum/Cigna insurance benefits, which may/may not require a copay. Please confirm with provider.

Do you complete FMLA paperwork?
Yes, I only agree to assist in completing FMLA paperwork after 4 sessions have been completed for me to completely assess for ongoing symptoms that cause impairment in daily functioning. Client is also responsible for paying the self pay rate for these sessions. Sessions are required so clients do not set one appointment just to have paperwork completed and not return for treatment. 

Can I pay the remaining balance after the session?
Yes, as long as the payment is made by the end of session, it is acceptable.

Do you offer tele-health sessions?
Yes, I email Google Meet links to those who prefer that method.

Do you offer in-person sessions?
Yes, I would love to meet you in person.

I'm not an entrepreneur, can I still work with you?
Of course, I will work with anyone but entrepreneurs are my niche. 

Do you work with couples?
I prefer to work on an individual basis. However, couple sessions are available for an adjusted rate.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions last up to 1 hour.

Will I have a co-pay?
This is based on what your insurance requires. It is best for you to contact them and inquire.

Do I have to use insurance?
No, you can pay out of pocket. I accept payments via debit card, credit card, or cash.

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*Please note that the session fee has been adjusted for 2024 to reflect changes in the current economic landscape, particularly in response to inflationary pressures. Thanks for your understanding*